Disarming Gillard gives Handbag Hockey the Freudian slip

Joe Hockey and Team Howard appear to have an unhealthy fascination with Julia Gillard. They’ve got a big, fat manila folder with her name scrawled on the front. It’s the dirt file, bursting with clippings and transcripts. But their real fascination is with Gillard’s anatomy. And as the election draws near that fascination is hardening into a fixation, bordering on unhealthy obsession.

Defend our right to protest, but let the anarchists eat cake

Anarchy builds an appetite. Apparently. Which is perhaps why young anarchists in training were asked to ”bring a plate” to a solidarity meeting in Sydney last year. The mission, in between cake and cookies, was to ”confront and overcome all forms of social oppression”, a heady call for a Sunday tea party.

For art’s sake, let’s stop mortal spin on Mary burqa

So now the Virgin Mary and Mother of God wears a burqa. Albeit a rather fetching short one, but a burqa nevertheless. What was the artist thinking? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. But artist and former alter boy Luke Sullivan’s passion for Our Lady of Fatima and the apparitions of 1917, have been all but drowned out by the hail of abuse.

When one man’s ambition is another woman’s evil curse

Ambition is not a bad thing. The Prime Minister said so this week. Just a day after Peter Costello awoke to local radio birthday ditties – ”he’s destined to be the bridesmaid never the bride” – John Howard was extolling the virtues of ambition in his political nemesis wannabe. ”He’s an ambitious man, there’s nothing wrong with ambition,” Howard told journalists.

The tunnel vision of Kevin07 loses sight of real Australians

Federal politics has already descended into a daily orgy of public offence, and we’re not even there yet. The election date remains a known unknown. And while many of us are already suffering motion sickness, the journey’s end is rapidly losing its allure.

If Paris could just kick straight she would be a free woman

Why isn’t Todd Carney in jail like Paris Hilton? After all, the Raiders halfback and the blond heiress have plenty in common. Although, Carney has a few up on Hilton. He’s been convicted of drink driving twice. She only once. She stopped when caught driving on a suspended licence. Carney sped off.