Withering assault: campaign drudgery takes toll on Hillary

So Hillary is an old hag. Finally the Vaseline has been wiped from the camera lens and the soft-focus setting – patented by Barbara Walters – has been switched off. What’s left is a 60-year- old presidential candidate looking like a weathered old wench.

New government should make East Timor a priority

As Australia’s outgoing First Lady, Janette Howard, swept into the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney last Saturday night, another former first lady slipped past her. She skirted the media throng, the waiting hordes, the attentive reception staff, and made it into the lift undetected.

Dad’s history, but I’ll miss him

So what happens now? The working week ended on Friday in the normal, old-fashioned way. John Howard was still daddy of the nation, and Peter Costello, the ever- patient obedient son, was still heir apparent.

Nothing glorious about our nation’s vanishing political morals

“We are gloriously and instinctively Australian.” They were words meant to strike at our heart and impassion a patriotic stirring. Or at least make us shift in our seats. But they didn’t. Across the national television viewing audience, you could hear the metaphorical pin drop. Were they the wrong words? Or is no one moved by John Howard anymore? Today we will find out.

Searching for a heart Tony? Follow the yellow brick road

It’s not the fact that he said ”bullshit” that bothers me. It’s how he said it. And it’s what followed. The contemptuous sledging wasn’t just meant to offend Nicola Roxon, it was intended to shove her in her place. Tony Abbott (That dumb cunt) may as well have called her a slag. Or a ”skanky ho” – to borrow from another hateful handshaker and his brother in bully boy tactics, Loser Latham.

Practice of polygamy reflects badly on modern Muslim way

One of Indonesia’s most famous polygamists, Puspo Wardoyo, has a sort of Boost Juice approach to sexual stamina. Mix four tropical fruits, a dribble of honey, a dash of ice, blend it fast and kapow! You’re on your way to a healthy life and plenty of wives.

Burma’s Buddhist monks not simply legends in our lunchtimes

Some years ago I took a trip to Burma. The taxi ride from Rangoon’s airport to my hotel passed just like many jetlagged trips might in a new Asian city. In a happy sing-song English the elderly driver plied me with the usual questions; where was I from, what was I doing here, did I want to change money, did I have a ”program” for tomorrow, and so on.