Presentation skills for Women. Executive Communication. Media Knowledge. Strategic Communication for Project Teams.

Bespoke Masterclasses

Virginia designs and delivers tailored, bespoke Masterclasses to meet specific organisation and individual communication needs. These range from short, one-on-one sessions, to half or full day group sessions. For those in need of a deeper dive, with opportunity to test drive the learnings, review and reset, Virginia offers a program series of modules delivered over a period of weeks. The flexible, hybrid approach enables fully customised solutions that keep pace with shifting communication needs.

Why the need for a Communication guru … or goddess?

Everything we do centres on communication. It is the oxygen of every organisation – big or small, public or private. We all need to do it, use it, share it, embrace it … so why are most of us so bad at it?

As a lover of story and purveyor of powerful words … Virginia’s passion for improving public discourse breathes a formidable energy, expertise and creative innovation into every communication challenge. Her enthusiastic engagement quickly reveals a unique talent for crafting perfectly formed and elegantly simple communication solutions.

With elite expertise in strategic communication, Virginia has trained hundreds of executives across the Commonwealth government. As a sessional lecturer in Strategic Communication, within the University of Canberra’s Public Policy graduate program, including the APS Graduate program, she has helped shaped government communications and broaden understanding of public framing for policy makers, as well as project leaders, NGO’s and campaign advocates.

Communication Skills for Women

“Women are by their very nature great communicators and intuitively good at reading the room. But when it comes to exerting authority, speaking up in meetings, negotiating a deal, or performing the daily tasks of leadership, women are simply not heard in the same way as men. To understand how best to draw attention to your issue, frame your pitch and influence discussion, it’s important to first understand the normative context operating in the workplace, and the impact of gender bias as a starting point. From there we draw on the finely tuned tools in the presentation skills toolkit to perfect your performance.”

Executive Communication Coaching

“I get a great buzz out of watching the transformation in the people I work with when they’ve had communication and presentation training… take to the stage with great confidence, or nail their key messages during a panel discussion or tough media interview. It’s such a joy to see the light in their eyes. I’ve watched people grow a foot taller during these courses!”

Strategic Communications Masterclasses

“In my many years working in media, it has always staggered me to see you how many organisations, businesses, institutions and government departments get communications so very wrong! It’s not hard to get right, if you just understand the key principles of strategic communication…”