Fighter for Afghanistan’s powerless refuses to be silenced

For once – and it will only be once – I was relieved to see women fully covered in burqas. With no eyes, no face and no body, they were rendered invisible as people. No longer individuals, they instead looked like a pack of walking blue tents. And that’s just as well.

Joe blow: another pretty poor effort for working women

Joe Hockey is neither pretty nor smart. The former he admits; the latter he now knows. Surely. But then if we could all just get back to being relaxed and comfortable, and those uppity women would return to being ”simply appendages of middle-aged men”, neither Hockey nor his mate Kevin Rudd would be in the hot water they are.

Goward braves the habitat of the sexist parliamentary bear

It’s pathetic really. Laughable, if it weren’t so deplorable. But here it is: an overweight, balding politician sends a young, attractive, female journalist a voice message. He’s panting down the phone. It goes something like this, ”I saw you at the dinner last night. I didn’t come over and say hello. I just perved at you from a distance. You were the hottest thing in the room.”

Morbid curiosity surrounds a baby bereaved by fame

What hope is there for little baby Dannielynn? She’s half named after her half brother Daniel, who along with her mother is dead – thanks to lethal cocktails of anti- depressants and other drugs. Even if the little tot’s middle name is Hope, her life thus far seems hopelessly void of it.

Gender equality button is still stuck on pause

So another International Women’s Day has passed and another collective sigh of relief that we got away with it. Speeches were made, issues raised, and still we all politely managed to offend no one. Pity.