Hard to have no hard feelings when there’s so little progress

During the ABC’s recent television broadcast on ACT election night I got a small thrill. As the cameras rolled, it struck me that – for the first time – our election reportage, live- crosses and hosting were being conducted by an all-woman team.

Silly slogans and useless information mug the hapless voter

Mercifully, it’s over. Those appalling election ads have stopped. That dumb noise, nagging through every television break, has finally been switched off. Now, at last, we can all head out to vote. Pity though that voters’ heads are giddy with idiotic, jingoistic, rhyming ditties.

Women won’t find empowerment by playing the pet’s role

Choosing a career can be tough. For the ambitious American bombshell, Alison Waite, it was real tough, as she explained to the Australian media earlier this week. She’d just finished graduate school when her first nude centerfold was published in Playboy. “I thought, well, what do I do? Medicine or the Mansion?” She chose the Mansion.

A Glorious Kill and a Grubby Demise

The essay, “A Glorious Kill & a Grubby Demise”, was published in “ANIMALS”, by Finlay Lloyd Publishers, October 2008. The illustration is by Ingeborg Hansen

Our leaders’ partners are more than merely manbags

It’s an odd thing. Even though Janette Howard clearly played a prominent role in the shape of Australia’s political history, I can’t remember what she sounds like. In fact, I can’t recall ever hearing her speak. And yet her words were crucial in influencing the actions of her husband the nation’s second longest serving prime minister.