Strategic Communication

Everything we do centers on communication.

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It is the oxygen of every organization – big or small, public or private. When communication is planned, framed and targeted in a cohesive, integrated way it becomes the most powerful strategic lever in any organisation’s tool kit. Yet surprisingly, few managers and senior executives have a solid grasp of what communication is, how it works, and how to use it effectively.

A passionate communication specialist, Virginia brings a unique set of skills and experience to this space, both as a journalist and sought after trainer. She has considerable expertise in strategic communication planning; key message development; media awareness training, and presentation skills.

As a consultant Virginia has designed bespoke communications and training programs for over 15 years, and since 2011 has run a series of executive and postgraduate Masterclasses in Strategic Communication in her role as Adjunct Professor at IGPA. She has worked with several hundred senior executives across Commonwealth government departments; along with a range of blue-chip companies in the corporate sector and industry bodies, in addition to numerous NGO’s.

Virginia’s approach to training is energetic, experiential and highly tailored. Her focus is on ensuring every client and group participant develops a genuine enthusiasm for communication and a fresh confidence around how best to apply new skills.