June 10, 2014

Tackling female sexual abuse one man at a time

There is only so much sexual violence against women I can watch before the knot in my gut and roar in my throat forces action. On this occasion I stood up and walked out. But UK Foreign Secretary William Hague didn't - apparently. And just as well. He has a stronger stomach for the cinematic depiction of violence than people like me, who couldn't sit though the mass rape of women prisoners in Angelina Jolie's film The Land of Blood and Honey, set during the Balkan war in the early '90s.
March 27, 2014

“Beneath the Surface”: Speech to launch M16 Artspace Exhibition

Last week, ABC’s own Virginia Haussegger opened the fantastic exhibition, Beneath the Surface, currently showing at M16 Artspace. She gave a delightful insight into the three artists, Tiffanie Brown, Peter Ranyard and Peter Rohen that are also her close friends.